Save Money on Rent

In discussion with other Antique Malls around the country Mark and I learned it is a common practice to offer store credit towards rent for working in the store.   We love the idea and hope you do too.   We are going to give it a try!


Question:  When will it start, and how will it work?

Answer:     We plan to start the program July 1, 2018.  If interested, call or stop by the front desk to add  your name to the list of Dealers wanting to be called when we have available hours.  Note:  There will be a memo of understanding to sign regarding the program.

Question:  What will be the value of my hours worked?

Answer:     Each hour worked will earn a $10 credit toward your rent, never to exceed your monthly rent  payment. 

Question:  What type of work will I be doing?

Answer:     Duties will vary but the focus will be helping our customer have a wonderful shopping  experience and helping keep the store clean. There will be no Point of Sale duties.

Question:  Will I be allowed to work on my booth during this time?

Answer:    No personal booth work allowed during the hours you are earning store credit.

Working together will make the program a success!